Rebound 2013: InMaps is one of the StartUps that has been selected

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On Monday the 30th of September the results for Rebound where published, inmaps and its team took part in this event. (Rebound is a competition for the development of start-up companies, it’s promoted by the “Group of young entrepreneurs of Padua and Fòrema”, in collaboration with BAN Veneto and with the contribution of the Camera del commercio of Padua).

The competition that has the objective of making the ideas of young people possible, made selected six projects in the following fields of business: “Life and Science”, “Social Innovations”, “Agrifood-Cleantech”, “Industrial” and “Smart Cities”. These fields of business where chosen by young people under the age of 35 in the Veneto region of Italy.

Because of this competition created by the “Group of young entrepreneurs of Padua and Fòrema” the winners will have access to a course to prepare them on starting, managing and creating a business plan for start-up companies. Additionally the winners will also be able to get feedback from the “Network of Business Angels (BAN) Veneto” that facilitates young entrepreneurs in gathering necessary funds.

These are the propositions that have been selected (Title of the projects and brief summary):
InMaps, Drives you In
An innovative application that allows you to navigate indoor spaces that can geolocalize your device inside a building by using all the tools it has at its disposal, it uses both what it can find in an indoor environment such as Wi-Fi networks and access points whilst combining the information with the built-in sensors the device has, such as the accelerometer and compass (Magnetic information gathered from the digital compass is processes through algorithms based on the laws of electromagnetism).

Neuro Rehab (NR)
Creation of a full range of low cost software/applications that promote the rehabilitation of different neuro-sycologic deficits and that are easily accessible for both health professionals and their patients.

A web platform that features a collection of services that aim to support learning both from remote locations and during lessons.

Zappatrice – Automated Hoeing & Pruning Machine (Questa è la traduzione più vicina che ce)
It has the ability to intervene in cultivated areas where plants are grown in lines such as vineyards without damaging them.

We would like to congratulate all the winners of the competition and we are eager to start this new adventure.

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