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Indoor Navigation & proximity

The mobile app that guides you inside buildings. Indoor navigation and mobile marketing all in one, all the information you need is a simple tap away. In a word… InMaps!

Live @ Museo Novecento Firenze dal 5 luglio 2016

Proximity Marketing

inmaps revolutionizes your communication experience.
Revolution your capacity to communicate through inmaps, the application that allows you to be in direct contact with your clients thanks to Indoor Navigation and Proximity Marketing. Spot the right moment to promote your company, your products and share informations directly via smartphones with guests and visitors of museums, trade exhibitions and shopping centers. With the inmaps Indoor Navigation users enter a new visiting experience that accompany them from engagement to retention throuought the whole journey, customized regarding personal interests and micro-localization.

Timing is essential for communication: are you ready to seize the day?


How it works
At all times there’s the possibility to search for informations about anything and receiving back on your smartphone all the news regarding you interests, prioritizing the ones that seem to meet your influences at the times you’re about to visit a place or make a purchase. These informations are therefore more effective if the user is connected at the time of the visit. For example receiving infos about promotions and sales is the most useful when you are actually visiting the shopping center. The inmaps Indoor Navigation and Proximity Marketing allows the users to interact with the entire framework of the place they’re at in that exact time.


How to communicate directly with clients.
The inmaps panel, is a simple web interface that allows any entity, retailers, museums, exhibitions or event registered to publish latest news, share infos with targeted clients, and show users the proximity of points of interest.


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