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Indoor Navigation & proximity

The mobile app that guides you inside buildings. Indoor navigation and mobile marketing all in one, all the information you need is a simple tap away. In a word… InMaps!

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Indoor Navigation & Marketing for Shopping Centres

inmaps Direct communication, right at the moment of purchase.


Higher your level of efficiency in the marketing strategy with the new inmaps communication channel: simple, effective, straightforward. Through the inmaps web panel you can considerably increase your visibility sharing news and curiosities to create a more global interest with the public. With the in-app messaging services you can communicate directly with your customers inviting them to discover events and promotions, while with the proximity notifications you can attract the attention of who’s walking by your shop, sending them customized offers.

Increasing the flow of costumers and purchases in your shop has never been so simple!


The inmaps mobile solution activates and dynamizes all the involved subjects of the customer journey. The new dimension of shopping created within inmaps increases the number of customers, sales and the retention rate between client and retailer thanks to a straightforward and effective communication plan. The use of inmaps by end-users and retailers allows management to collect real time detailed data such as visitors flows, interests, the number of visits in the many stores and much more. The inmaps services allow to optimize and monetize your offer and allow to design effective marketing strategies based on real updated data.



Busy parkings, hundreds of shops, infinity of products, offers, people. inmaps is ready to re-design your way of shopping. Let it lead you form home to the most convenient parking lot, enter the shopping center and get straight to what you were looking for. Shop infos, articles and news are all ready to be discovered on your smartphone. Customized offers regarding your interests make it a simple, fast and fun way to find the object you were after, at the best possible price.



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Enter in the Indoor Navigation and Proximity Marketing era.