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Indoor Navigation & proximity

The mobile app that guides you inside buildings. Indoor navigation and mobile marketing all in one, all the information you need is a simple tap away. In a word… InMaps!

Live @ Museo Novecento Firenze dal 5 luglio 2016

Indoor Navigation & Marketing at the Museum

inmaps your museum with just few taps with Indoor Navigation for Museums.



Imagine being able to offer each guest an interactive and dynamic experience, something that would thrill the visitors about the history of the art and its protagonists. Imagine being able to offer this in a simple and fun way. Open your eyes and click here to know more. All you have to do is install some iBeacons within the rooms of the museum to offer the visitors all the informations they’re looking for, thematic and customized visit pathways. You’ll only need few days to be able to know which are the most viewed artworks, the busiest rooms and with this data improve the gestion of the public flow. You’ll only need a few minutes to promote efficiently and directly, exhibitions, events, news and invite the users to visit the museum.
Culture is a public good as it improves everybody’s lives: let’s make it accessible with inmaps.


Stairs, hallways and rooms succeed one another unveiling the best art expressions that the history has passed on. Unfortunately we’re not always able to admire all that we’d like to discover. Now, with Indoor Navigation by inmaps you can follow the great masters step by step. Choose directly from your smartphone the pieces you’re interested to see, follow thematic paths and in a few taps you have free access to infos and multimedia content. Thanks to simple iBeacons, inmaps recognizes which opera you’re looking at and automatically shows you description and in-depth informations.

Are you ready to dive inside the new interactive dimension of art?

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