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Indoor Navigation & proximity

The mobile app that guides you inside buildings. Indoor navigation and mobile marketing all in one, all the information you need is a simple tap away. In a word… InMaps!

Live @ Museo Novecento Firenze dal 5 luglio 2016


Indoor Navigation

Navigate inside buildings, automatically define your position at any time, search for what you need and let the app guide you towards it.

Infos of context

View all there’s to know about what’s around you. All the infos about expositors, shops, offers, are just with few taps away on your smartphone.


Find what you’re looking for and let the inmaps Indoor Navigation guide you to your destination.


Find all the events in the pipeline, on the list and on the interactive map.

How to find it

Obtain all the infos on how to reach a place of interest (trains, buses, etc.) or let it guide you to it through the Google Maps integrated software.

Be Social

Share your experience on your socials and chat with other users that are also present in the building using the in-app chat window.

Proximity infos

Receive informations about what you’re looking at, offers, invitations etc., about artworks in a museum or while looking at the window of your favorite shop.

Push messages

Share, with all users, the latest news, promotions, events etc., with a simple in-app message.


Find the right communication marketing strategy using all the infos collected from inmaps.