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Indoor Navigation & proximity

The mobile app that guides you inside buildings. Indoor navigation and mobile marketing all in one, all the information you need is a simple tap away. In a word… InMaps!

Live @ Museo Novecento Firenze dal 5 luglio 2016

Indoor Navigation & Marketing for Exhibition Events

Boost your business with inmaps and indoor naviagation for exhibitions.



Large catalogues, unclear maps and fragmented information have always been a limitation while visiting exhibitions. Leave the past behind you: inmaps is here. The inmaps indoor navigation technology will guide you through the different halls and help you get to the stands you are looking for in mere moments. Organize and schedule your time at the exhibition by simply setting up itineraries or by customizing the stages based on your interests; Keep up to date with all the news and events in the program; you will be able to keep notes of what you need and you’ll have the whole fair at your touch.


Great visibility = great stand + big events. This is the traditional marketing strategy in expos… up to now. As of today inmaps turns the commercial effectiveness of exhibitions inside-out by introducing a fourth variable: mobile marketing, combined with indoor navigation. Locations of stands and information on each company in a simple and time-effective layout are just the beginning. Exponentially increase your visibility with banners and push messages directly to the visitor’s smartphone: give them real time updates on your new products and involve them directly in your promotional events.


The success of any event is measured by its ability to convert visitors into buyers. What is the best way to improve the effectiveness of trade fairs? By offering a simple, innovative and result oriented tool to your visitors, in other words: inmaps!

inmaps is a mobile application that allows all users to use their time as efficiently as possible, acquire information and create a new interactive spaces that will increase the visibility of companies and fair traders. But that’s not all, inmaps provides you with its analytics services: basic tools that will maximize how you can organize the available space and boost the monetization of other less profitable areas. inmaps doubles the exhibition space and creates a new contact system between users.